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5 Fashion And Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

We should always applaud individual style. This is because it takes guts, confidence, and personality to pull off some looks. Due to this any individual who expresses their style with gusto should feel proud of themselves. Look at the queen elizabeth diamond jubilee concert to understand what I mean. It is a total definition of excellent fashion and beauty. But there is some fashion no- no’s that each should avoid at all cost. This is because they simply do not look good on anyone. To ensure that you attain the best fashion make sure you don’t engage in the following fashion don’ts.

Fashion and beauty mistakes to avoid

Socks and sandals

ffdfdfhgfhfghfghgfhDo not do this, because they do not look good at all. One can understand if you want to stay and feel comfortable, but if you really must wear them, it is advisable that you wear a pair of cute tennis socks. Additionally, find a pair of sandals that you can be comfortable enough to wear without socks. Do not even think of wearing black socks as this will be a fashion disaster. Unless you are gardening, crocs are a no wear and should be avoided at all cost.

Your underwear peeking out of your pants

Some celebrities have done this before, and it is associated with teen celebrities, even though it was stylish for a while the fad has since lost its popularity. Unless you are one of the few stars who can take the hit that comes with this, it will be very hard for you to pull this one off. Even if you have the ability to pull it off, there is a very big difference between letting your thong hang out in front of large crowds and paparazzi and when you show it off in a grocery or a movie theater. Trust me this won’t work well with you as the people in that place will start making fun of you the moment to step out of place.

Wearing the baggy clothes that you can find

No matter your size, you will look better in clothes that will fit you well. Therefore you should not go for big and baggy clothes that are meant to hide your figure. Your beauty is not affected in any way by your size. This is why you will realize that an individual with any body size will look fashionable when in good fitting outfits as opposed to those who wear baggy clothes as they look like they are wearing a tent. It is advisable that you find a style that will compliment your body properly, one that you will like and be proud of.

Over-accessorizing or not accessorizing at all

dhfghfghgfhfgfghFashion stars will tell you that even the best outfit will need to be complimented with a few accessories. A good handbag, nice necklace, and some simple earrings can elevate an outfit from great to fabulous. You need not match them but let them be complimentary. But it is …